Low Volume Sprayer

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This is the LOW VOLUME SPRAYER machine a new product from a renowned Italian company, which is begin in 1945.This is New range of pneumatic tractor -mounted & trailed sprayers. Ideal for Low volume treatment in vineyards, orchards. Allow VENTIS sprayers to obtain a very fine pulverization of the spraying mixtures, GA, pesticides & an excellent penetration into vegetation. Polyethylene tank of 200 & 600 ltr. with hand wash separate tank. These new sprayers launching in INDIA by the renowned company, which is in this agri business from 1991., named Boraste Agro Implements & Allied Industry. These sprayers are with new technology, profoundly changing the spraying techniques. Due to these sprayers are able to meet the needs of Indian agricultural world. Seeking more concrete answers to the needs of mechanization required in Indian agriculture world. These sprayers are brought in India with the resources in innovations. NOBILI Company searched for increasing productivity to reduce operating cost & to respect the environment.

Salient Features

Product with Italian Technology

Wide Angle PTO shaft available on demand

For GA application & other pesticides

Minimum noise

All spray coverage

Can easily turn between rows

Spray can adjust finger by finger

Brass Pump

Machine wheels moves on tractor wheels path

PE Tank

Sufficient ground clearance

Gear box with oil to fan

Run on 24 HP & more HP Tractor » Light weight & compact